Why eDot Holdings

eDot Holdings has become a special place. We haven’t seen our model for success duplicated at any other company. A typical Private Equity firm or Incubator has many individual companies and silos. At EDH, we’ve taken the opposite approach.

Yes, there are individual entities, but all of them have common ownership through EDH. With that, there is a common direction with common goals for the Family. Each individual company Owner, President, or COO meets regularly with other Leaders to determine how each entity can help the others grow.

Benefits of becoming part of EDH

  • Be part of a Team of great Leadership
  • Peer Group participation
  • Cross Company Service rates that can be 1/3 of what you are paying now.
  • In-house servicing companies that can explode your existing sales activity and take operational pressure off you.
  • An existing Administrative Team that handles all your Finance and Accounting function.
  • An in-house PEO (Professional Service Organization). This company (eDot Admin) manages all the HR Functions, Payroll & Benefits.
  • The ability to cash out by selling your organization or sell a part of your company and watch your equity value grow.

If you think your company fits within the EDH model, please contact us.

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