What We Look For

Our eDot Holdings Companies have combined revenue in the eight figures and service over 1,000 clients per year. We operate from our 20,000 ft — corporate headquarters and data center located in Schaumburg, IL.

Within our current offering, we are looking to acquire companies that meet most of the following criteria.

For eDot: Networking and Network Support Companies

We currently look at companies in the technology space that have annuity-based revenue, such as Network Support, Managed Services, and Hosting  Currently, our focus is on companies with annual revenue between $250,000 and $4 Million.

We also work with companies that are not fully ready to be acquired. We develop a buy-out strategy where we slowly acquire the business over a period of years to give the Owner maximum value.

For Xclutel: Telco Companies

We want companies that have existing Telco Contracts (multi-year) and have an in-house sales team with an established client base.

Digitek / Chicago Voice and Data

We are looking for non-union companies that have existing service clients and an active sales process or marketing effort to acquire additional clients. Annual Revenue should be between $150k and $1 Million.

Note from eDot Holdings:

If you or your company does not exactly fit what you see above, call us anyway. Perhaps a conversation will begin that will eventually turn into a transaction.

eDot Holdings is working on future plans in many other industries. Let’s start a conversation.

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